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How to test your fitness

A regular fitness test is a must for any athlete. It’s the perfect way of measuring the effectiveness of your training, as well as identifying where your weaknesses are. 

One of the best all-round tests is the Cooper Run and is an accurate guide to your vo2max, your ability to consume oxygen during exercise. Run for 12 minutes on a flat course – ideally a 400m track – and see how much distance you cover.

Enter your results here to calculate your vo2max: https://www.brianmac.co.uk/gentest.htm

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TRaining Roulette

Mix up your training and make sure you’re targeting all areas of athletic performance with this session generator. 

The Speed Secrets Training Roulette is a great way of kicking off a structured programme for anyone who wants to get fitter, faster.

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A Revolution in Running Training

How training roulette works.

Like any good training programme, TRAINING ROULETTE sessions are broken in to two categories – sustained tempo runs and intervals. 

Odd or even numbers decide which category. Roll again to see if you’re doing an endurance or speed session.

The final roll decides which of six workouts you’ll do today.



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Speed Secrets: Our Mission

Speed Secrets was set up to share our passion for achieving high performance. Learn how to run faster, structure training, analyse performance and reach your full potential.

We’ll share inspiring content, training plans, research and more. 
Our philosophy and approach is perfect for all levels – from beginners to elite – looking to improve in middle to long distance events – 800m and Parkruns to 10ks and Marathons.

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Winning Essex Road Relay Champs
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Winning Essex Road Relay Champs

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